Sell-Side Advisory

Infinity works to streamline the transaction process of preparing, marketing,

negotiating and structuring transactions, leaving ownership free to

operate their business

The Transaction Process


1. Determine Your Objectives

We buy in to your goals and objectives in order to effectively market and manage the transaction. We work with ownership to determine the appropriate marketing strategy.

2. Valuation Analysis

Infinity will perform historical analysis on your company to determine an expected valuation range 

3. Preparing for the Market

Infinity will help identify potential road blocks to a successful transaction, as well as create a narrative that highlights the merits of the opportunity

4. Presentation

Infinity distributes marketing materials to potential buyers, being careful to manage confidential information while filtering buyers that best meet your objectives

5. Due Diligence

We set up and maintain a virtual data room to house all proprietary and confidential information for prospective buyers

6. Manage Through the Finish Line

Infinity remains actively involved throughout all stages of the transaction process – negotiating, structuring, reviewing and closing the transaction